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An Overview of the Petroleum Industry Series
An Overview of the Petroleum Industry Series

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Designed for both technical and non-technical persons, this series teaches the fundamentals of the oil and gas industry. It provides newcomers to the oil industry a working knowledge of all phases of the industry.

  1. The Nature of Crude Oil and Natural Gas
    This segment covers how oil and gas are measured, the molecular structure of hydrocarbon change, and which contaminants occur naturally in oil and gas deposits. 11 minutes.
  2. The Crust of the Earth
    This segment examines important geological features such as unconformities, anticlines, and basins. Also covered is how these features are important in selecting a drilling site. 18 minutes.
  3. Formation of Oil and Gas Deposits
    This segment explains caprocks and other geological structures which will become the oil producing and bearing zones of tomorrow. Three major criteria for the accumulation of oil and gas deposits are also discussed. 15 minutes.
  4. Exploration for Oil and Gas
    This segment discusses how subsurface strata are identified. Shows computerized equipment producing three-dimensional contoured maps. How these maps determine specific locations for drilling sites is also covered. 12 minutes.
  5. Drilling a Well
    This segment explains types of rigs and the essential parts of a drilling rig. Techniques used to drill for oil and gas in hostile and remote environments. It also examines blowouts, loss circulation, poisonous gas, and other problems. 15 minutes.
  6. Completing a Well
    This segment demonstrates mud logs, rock cuttings, and drill stemmed tests. Reviews completion procedure from setting casing to perforation. It also illustrates primary, secondary, and tertiary recovery technique. 17 minutes.
  7. Transporting and Refining
    This segment explains how hydrocarbons produced from the well are collected and transported by pipeline, truck and tanker. Inspects fractionating and cracking towers and other refining operations. 12 minutes.

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