2018 Petrochemical Processes Handbook- Limited Time Offer - AVAILABLE ON USB CARD ONLY.
2018 Petrochemical Processes Handbook- Limited Time Offer - AVAILABLE ON USB CARD ONLY.

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Hydrocarbon Processing's 2018 Petrochemical Processes Handbook reflects the dynamic advancements available in licensed process technologies, catalysts and equipment. The petrochemical industry continues to apply energy-conserving, environmentally friendly, cost-effective solutions to make products that improve the quality of everyday life. The global petrochemical industry is innovative, putting knowledge into action to create new products that service the needs of current and future markets.

The 2018 Petrochemical Processes Handbook is specifically designed to provide engineers and petrochemical/refining professionals with technical information that they can quickly reference at any time. The Handbook contains an inclusive catalog of established and leading-edge licensed technologies that can be applied to existing and grassroots facilities. Economic stresses drive efforts to conserve energy, minimize wastes, improve product qualities and, most importantly, increase yields and create new products.

A spectrum of licensed petrochemical technologies is featured here with 184 active petrochemical technologies. These include manufacturing processes for olefins, aromatics, polymers, acids/salts, aldehydes, ketones, nitrogen compounds, chlorides cyclo-compounds and refining feeds.

Licensing companies have submitted process flow diagrams and informative process descriptions that include economic data, operating conditions, numbers of commercial installations and more.

For a limited time only, the 2018 Petrochemical Processes Handbook will be available for purchase in flipbook format.


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